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At a time where many adults feel alienated by the idea of being financially literate, budgeting and money management has never been more important than it is now. With Brexit slowly looming, the ability to make informed and effective decisions about what we do with our salaries is vital. We can all work a little harder to understand and improve our relationship with money. The two deciding factors are knowledge and ultimately, determination. Last year, an audit of public sector pay in London revealed that BAME staff are paid 37% less than their Caucasian counterparts.

Despite this, BAME people still spend more than any other ethnic group. Consumerism is something most Africans and Caribbean’s have been conditioned to be enamoured with. Let’s take Blue Monday, a UK holiday, for instance. It has been labelled as the most depressing day in January due to the fact that people have squandered their earnings on Christmas gifts and are barely able to make ends meet. As far as saving is concerned, we know that it’s a must, but we aren’t taught how to start. More conversations should be had, and financial tools pursued in order to master fiscal responsibility and make the most out of our salaries.

Fortunately, there has been an emergence of knowledgeable and talented black influencers who have created tools, programs and resources to help us all on our journey to bettering our relationship with money:


Active Budgeter

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Voted ‘The UK’s Best Money Blog (2017), Active Budgeter aka Abiola is on a mission to increase financial literacy for under 35’s. Having worked with leading organisations such as the London School of Economics, Abiola’s goal is to increase budgeting confidence in millennials as well as building generational wealth and encouraging discussions about money. As far as online platforms go, the Active Budgeter is excelling at providing insight into different money management systems. Click here to find out more about the Active Budgeter template.




Lekz Ldn


Lekz is behind Capital Moments, a platform that provides commercial awareness with the aim of improving and nurturing the personal development of students and young professionals. In 2019, he has turned his attention to helping young people ‘secure the bag’ with the launch of a budget template. Described as perfect for the ‘millennial’ mind, the aim of the template is to save and control any expenditures which can prove to be a burden on your budget.


Save Spend Invest


Save Spend Invest does exactly what it says in its URL. Founder Bukiie Smart has built a brand on teaching people how to stop buying things that don’t add value in addition to maximising their earning potential while they can. For those who like to stay informed on the go, there is a Save Spend Invest podcast and Bukiie has just released a book titled ‘The ABCs of Personal Finance’, which is something I’m sure we all need at this moment in time. Getting ‘money smart’ is the pinnacle of Save Spend Invest and with all the valuable information shared on this platform, you’ll be one step closer to achieving all your financial goals.


Noir Excel


‘Achieving Black Excellence Through Financial Education’ is Noir Excel’s motto. With events and services such as budgets and planning, creating a property plan, debt management and financial masterclasses, Noir Excel are all about turning earned income into passive income. The brand also emphasise the importance of money management and you can expect to learn about a variety of topics such as property tips, life insurance, credit repair and investing in financial markets.




Rice at Home Podcast


The journey to financial freedom can have its ups and downs and the Rice at Home Podcast doesn’t shy away from this truth. Ama, Michael and Travis are a commendable trio who are on their own individual missions to become successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has been sugar-coated but Rice at Home is here to keep it real! If you want to step your game up and make your passions or hobbies pay, then familiarise yourself with Rice At Home.




Bola Sol


Bola Sol is the finance guru everyone should follow. She is the founder of Refined Currency, a website that represents the New Age of women and money. Bola’s goal is to change the way women everywhere manage and grow their finances. In addition to finance, the Mathematics and Finance graduate also hosts events encouraging women to improve their confidence and perception of self.




Pretty Budget

Credit: YouTube

It may seem like YouTube is full of make-up artists, cooks and couples but let’s not forget that it’s also a place where you can learn lots of important things. Pretty Budget is a channel with a firm focus on finance. It is a destination for all thing’s money related: whether you want to start saving, embrace financial affirmations or improve your credit score, you will attain a better understanding of money and, more importantly, how to make it last.






The Disunomics podcast deals with the economy and how it affects modern day millennials. The aim of the podcast is to heighten the importance of economics in general. Some of us (myself included) have had a love-hate relationship with the term ‘economics’, probably because of what we read in Maths books when we were younger, but there is something relatable covered in every single episode. Whether it’s Brexit updates, holiday spending or the cost of weddings (which was the first episode I listened to), Disunomics gives listeners the information they really need. There will also be a live show next month in Camden which will focus on The Economics of Being a Adult.


As we are just more than half way through the second month of 2019, it’s safe to say that many of us are still thinking about our goals. The most important thing to remember on your journey to understanding how your money works is to be SMART. Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Goals don’t have a precise finish line, so write down some strategies, affirm them and with the knowledge of all who have been mentioned in this article, stay inspired. We all have what it takes to secure our bag and our future at the same time, so don’t allow yourself to be told anything different.



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