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Happy Mother’s Day!

It would seem as though this is the most celebrated of the “parent’s” days that currently exist (sorry, dads), but this is not without merit. Especially Black British mothers…kudos are yours in abundance.

Mothers deserve all the accolades, the applause and the love that is due them. Not only is giving birth truly a miracle in itself, but those who nurse and raise children from “kidulthood” to adulthood and everything in between, is praiseworthy. To all that engage in changing diapers, reading bedtime stories and doing the school run, all while expected to maintain stability in the home and hold down a job; including and especially those that adopt both mother and father responsibilities – we salute you.

When deciding to write this piece, I wanted to do some research into what this day means to Black British mothers. In conducting a quick Google search, I hoped to find inspiring stories celebrating Black-British motherhood but to my horror, was met with articles full of negativity and sorrow:

Black British Mothers - search results page (SRP) | The Biographies

If that didn’t make me want to write about this topic even more, I’m not sure what else would have.

Too often we’re bombarded with messages of turmoil and misery when discussing Black-British motherhood. Most of us understand that the world in which we live pays little respect to the systemic disadvantage faced by British women of African and Caribbean decent. Stats like Black mothers are 5x more likely to die during childbirth are facts that, if not tempered with news of encouragement, have the propensity to cause us to lose hope.

So if you weren’t yet sure, this post is dedicated to celebrating Black British mothers, complete with some examples of women completely bossing it. Enjoy reading!


Thandie Newton OBE

The British actress is mother to two beautiful daughters and a son. In discussing motherhood, she emphasises the importance of making sure her children are empowered to understand that they’re “extraordinary, powerful beings“. Did you know that Mrs Newton opts for home births? Now that’s power!

Thandie Newton and children | The Biographies


Ade Hassan MBE

A new mother, Ade Hassan is famous for launching Nubian Skin, a nude hosiery and lingerie brand designed for women and men with darker hues. if you haven’t heard of her, you should! In 2017, she was awarded an MBE for her amazing strides in representing the UK black community. You go, girl!


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Patricia Bright

Now this is one YouTuber that’s easy to love. Considered one of the OG’s in the YouTube black community, Patricia has risen to staggering heights, amassing a following of 2.88million on YouTube and 1.1million on Instagram. Her infectious personality and relatable content keeps audiences worldwide engaged. Recently having given birth to her second child, she speaks candidly on keeping a healthy work-life balance, her challenges with weight loss and even cosmetic surgery. Now, what’s not to love about that?


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Jourdan Dunn

British supermodel and actress Jourdan Dunn is a household name. Gracing the likes of Vogue, Elle and several other high fashion publications, her meteoric rise to fame since her teenage years was seen by many. So falling pregnant at the age of 19 might have been a surprise to both her and the nation, but she took it in her stride, speaking honestly about her apprehension: “All I could think about was what my mom was going to say, my agency, my boyfriend…”.

Teen pregnancies are not a new thing – so it was refreshing to see the amount of support shown to her by not only the modelling industry, but her fans, family and friends alike. Recently engaged, we at The Biographies wish her and family all the best!


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We hope to add more examples of mothers completely owning their domain as they come, so perhaps you could help us – who are Black British mothers that you feel are doing amazingly?

Add your suggestions in the comments and maybe they could feature in this article!

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